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We offer a wide variety of services all geared to help you with your financial goals.

Financial and Retirement Planning

Financial planning is not simply a sprint to the retirement finish line. No matter what stage of life you are in, our team is experienced in constructing holistic financial plans that evolve with your needs. Whether you need help sustaining a tax-efficient income stream in retirement, are contemplating a significant liquidity event, or are left wondering how to balance lifestyle and family legacy, our team is here to help you reach your goals.

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Multi-Generational and Legacy Planning

With over 100 years of combined experience, our team has guided many successful families and organizations through the subtleties of multi-generational and legacy wealth planning. As a multi-generational team, we specialize in addressing the complex needs of intergenerational family dynamics.

As a component of legacy wealth planning, our team is experienced in helping clients achieve their philanthropic goals in a tax-efficient manner. Whether you have goals of current gifts, legacy gifts through your estate, or a desire to structure charity to involve other family members, we can help you optimize your charitable giving and develop a plan specifically designed for you.

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Investment Management

Our team’s investment management is an integral component of our holistic wealth management approach. During the discovery process, our team performs a deep evaluation on your liquidity needs, risk parameters, and tax circumstances before implementing a goals-based investment strategy specific to you. We consider all assets and income sources when developing your investment plan, including assets that are not directly custodied at Baird. This comprehensive view allows for greater tax-efficiency and risk mitigation which can ultimately lead to better investing outcomes.

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Business Transition Planning

If you are a business owner or founder thinking about exiting your business, transferring your equity shares, or even a shareholder with a concentrated position, we can help facilitate a clear path to liquidity. With access to Baird’s Investment Banking expertise and their broad network and deep industry knowledge, we can help you understand what your business is worth, optimize your company valuation, and connect you with potential buyers to secure the best outcomes out of any potential transaction.

Throughout the transition process, our team will guide you through succession planning, tax optimization, and provide the personal wealth management and financial planning services necessary to navigate a sale successfully. We value the long-term relationships developed during each business transition plan.

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Equity Compensation Planning

We serve as trusted advisors for founders, executives, and early-stage startup employees to help you optimize the value of your equity stake. Whether your goal for liquidity is current cash, acquisition, or initial public offering, we can advise you on when to exercise options, help you understand your tax implications, conduct a risk-return evaluation for capital deployment, and address other more subtle considerations.

If you don’t currently have a robust financial plan, we will also help you build and diversify an investment portfolio designed to minimize both risk and tax liability while maximizing near-and-long-term value of your assets.

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Professional Resources

Our team is committed to ongoing collaboration with our clients’ professional resources. These resources include Estate Attorneys, CPAs, Insurance Brokers, Philanthropic Consultants, Lenders, etc... For those seeking expertise in other unique topics, we have built a network of experts to whom we confidentially refer our clients.

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Meet Our Team

Perry Atkins

Perry Atkins

Managing Director | Family Wealth Advisor


Ethan Waterman

Ethan Waterman, CFP®

Vice President | Family Wealth Advisor


KC Herren

KC Herren

Vice President | Family Wealth Advisor


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